Festival L*abore 2012 TitlesGermany
Design and Creation by Megan Palero (Philippines)Music by Polarkreis 18 "Operation Sun" (Germany)http://www.borwaerk.de
On the weekend of the 2012 20./21.Juli Captain Green in the beautiful Vogtlandis converted back to a free festival state.
In addition to the bands, there are a thousand other things to enjoy again: walk in the grounds, swim in the lake to celebrate, the beer wagon through dance, chill in the tent, and above all meet again with all the wonderful people.
The following bands... Candelilla, Condre SCR, Cotton Ponies, Dirty Disco Rockers (SK), Fenster, Kadavar, PTTRNS, Za!, Porkfour, Knarz, Me Succeeds, Milu, Garda, *U*N*S, Suralin, JeffK and Paper & Places

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